Jharkendar - once untamed and forgotten part of the island of Khorinis, now its teeming with all sorts of inhabitants. Since Raven's death the region has become no longer non recognizable by anyone. Just on contrary it has gained fame.

Beside camps of Pirates and Bandits, strong Orcs camp is established. Also the Water Mages under the command of Saturas come to the Valley, who wants to explore inside of temple of Adanos.

Meanwhile Pirates have a new cruel leader Hannibal. In short amount of time he becomes a daredevil of local area. He even dares to attack the Khorinis and, burns down the harbour city. Special expedition of Paladins, command under the hand of Lord Hagen, venture to the valley to do away with Pirates.

However in all of these events the worst is that to the region which has belonged to Adanos since ages, herds of Beliar creatures comes flooding the region. Nobody knows what is causing this even the Water Mages are helpless. Whole situation falls under more mysterious circumstances, because Beliars herds began to come, while a peasant found stone tablet with ancient inscriptions. Examined by one of the Water Mage, it turns out to be priceless relict describing the hidden crypt full of treasures and wealth. The crypt bears name The Golden Gate. Unfortunately on the next day the stone tablet goes missing under mysterious circumstances...

The Nameless Hero after he leaves Myrtana, where war finally was over, wishes to get back to Khorinis. He wanted to recall old good times of his adventures. When he comes to the city he learns all about situation. Of course he decides to set out to the Jharkendar...

Which camp do I join?

Whom will I help?

What's behind the plague of Beliar?

How to get to the mysterious crypt?

You will find those and other answers playing mod THE GOLDEN GATE!

In that shortly summarized way, draft of the plot of the G2 NotR modification present itself.

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