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As you can see our site is now available also in english. We translated it, because we know there are some people from abroad who are interested in our project. We also want to translate all mod The Golden Gate into english, so it's a first step.

At the beginning we want to talk a little about our project. Modification The Golden Gate is for Gothic 2 Night of the Raven. In mod we play as the Nameless Hero, who leaves Myrtana, where war was finally over, and wishes to get back to Khorinis. He wants to recall old good times of his adventures. When he comes to the city he learns that it's very strange and complicated situation in Jarkendar. The Paladins want to do away with Pirates, but also a very dangerous plague of Beliar has come to Jarkendar. Of course the Nameless Hero decides to set out there...

There will be completely new story, many new NPC, a huge new world and many other innovations in The Golden Gate. You can find out more in the Story.

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