Release of Golden Gate

After six years of work we have finished The Golden Gate! There were 30 persons who took part in creating, but we want to thank all people who were helping us during this period, especially our fans who supported us all the time. However for now only Polish version is available, but soon we'll start preparing also English subtitles.

Modification offers us:
- 10-20 hours of game-play, 4 chapters, 100 quests
- new story, possibility of meeting our old friends
- Jharkendar with new camps, three new, small locations
- three guilds to choose (paladin, magician of water, orc mercenary)
- innovative quests, new abilities, four levels of difficulty
- improved graphic, a lot of new textures, 3D models and a few animations
- easter eggs

Here you can see the trailer
Spot of the Golden Gate
Profile on facebook

Added: Sentarion, dnia 2014-05-31 17:08


Sentarion 2014-12-04 23:55

It'll take some time, but we're still working :)

Ghorlean 2014-11-30 15:47

Well, i can`t wait and i will buzz you and ask again how are things with the english subtitles ? :)

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