Story p. 2

What will modification offer us?

- new, interesting story

- changed Jharkendar as well as a new huge world

- a lot of new NPCs and quests

- possibility of joining four guilds (The Paladins, The Pirates, The Orcs, The Water Mages)

- a few innovations (f. ex. shields)

- possibility of meeting our old friends from Gothic 1 and 2

The Paladins Camp

It will be regular camp of the paladins headed by Lord Hagen. Few dozen paladins and few militiamen live in the camp though some of them are trusted Lord Hagen's men. Beside we will meet there few inhabitants of Khorinis who trade or help paladins. In the mod we can venture into adventure beginning as a regular knight and, being promote to the governor of Khorinis!

The Water Mages Camp

Six Magicians are in the camp. Each of them examines something else. The Water Mages Camp is temporarily set because their aim is get to the temple of Adanos (which is under control of the bandits). The bandits do not want agree upon it so, the mages must wait till events take its place, hoping that they finally reach their goal.

The Bandits Camp

The bandits since death of Raven have gone through serious metamorphose. Bandit Alvaro became a chief of the bandits after Thorus left for the Myrthana. He made a lot of changes in the camp. After all he divided bandits into guilds: guild of hunters, guild of guards and guild of the gold mine supervisors. Apart from that there are no slaves in the mine but well paid diggers. The hunters take care of food provisions and skins, the guards protect the camp from beasts attacks and, mine supervisors take care of digger safety as well as they administrate diggers work. Alvaros and other bandit' aim is to receive pardon. They want to start a new life and settle down somewhere in peaceful place. That's why arrival of the Paladins and the Water Mages come in handy for them. They hope that somehow they will receive reprieve.